"Music is your favorite thing!"


Boombox is a character that appears twice in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6, He first appears when Red Guy is in a dark room that has a machine. He appears again when Red Guy is experimenting with the machine. He was supposed to teach the puppets about music.


He looks like a standard boombox. He is blue, with a red antenna, a yellow tape, speakers, a red mouth, and stop, record, play, fast forward, and rewind buttons on its top row of teeth.



"Music is your favorite thing!"


  • He has a deep voice.
  • He was possibly based on the boombox that was used to play the Creativity Song on stage in Red Guy's world.
  • He is most likely the puppet shown in Becky's "It's Friday" Instagram video.
  • His voice is different in the 2 appearances.
  • he can fly

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