"Fish and chips! Steak and beef! Crepes and eggs! Steak! Eggs!"- Bread Boy

Bread Boy is a character from DHMIS 5 and the lead percussionist of The Healthy Band. He has few lines in the short (but they're the most meaningful of all) and does not manipulate Yellow Guy in any way, or to help kill Duck Guy.

Role in The Healthy Band

Bread Boy is the only member of The Healthy Band who does not sing. Bread Boy, therefore, is also the only member of The Healthy Band who plays any kind of instrument, using two cans of peanut butter and jelly as drums and spoons as drumsticks.



  • He only plays the instrument in the healthy band.
  • Like the Fridge, he only gets a few lines in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5.
  • Unlike the Fridge, however, he wasn't involved in helping the main antagonists in any way.
    • In fact, he mysteriously disappears for the rest of the episode.
    • Bread Boy seems to be the only member of The Healthy Band who does not qualify as an antagonist.

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