"Stinky Mouth!"



The Cigarette is a minor antagonist in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.

He first appeared when he yelled "Stinky Mouth!' at Yellow Guy before getting changed into The Boombox.

He later appears again when he was torturing Yellow Guy along with the other teachers.


He appears as a giant lit cigarette. He has a cylinder-shaped body, that is mostly white, with brown on the bottom. There is also red steam on the top, followed by gray ashes. He also has a big nose, black eyebrows and a small black mouth.


  • It is possible that he was going to teach the puppets about the dangers of smoking, or smoking in general.
  • It's possible that his puppet is built off of the same giant cigarette from a older video on the DHMIS YouTube channel called "Bad Things That Could Happen".
  • He appears to have no limbs on his body, and seems to be floating, like the Football, the BoomBox, and the Plug.
  • There is also a cigarette (sometimes in a red ashtray) easter egg in most episodes. The paintbrush used by Yellow Guy in the first episode looks very much like a cigarette, but this seems to be the only possibility in this episode. The ashtray and cigarette is also on the table next to Red Guy in episode 2. This and the ashtray being red could possibly mean that Red Guy is a smoker.
  • Although some fans think that the future teachers are antagonists, The Cigarette, The Boombox, The Plug, The Meat Cube, The Hoofcreep, The Clapperboard, the Duck Guy cube, the duplicate of Red Guy and The Football are the only future teachers who qualify as antagonists since the other future teachers don't really do anything antagonistic.
  • Some fans thought that The Cigarette said Mickey Mouse although he said Stinky Mouth.