The Plug is an antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.

He is a future teacher as he appears in the rapid teacher sequence when he was torturing Yellow Guy along with the other teachers.

He is the same plug used to power the control room machine which Red Guy tampers with.

The plug seems to have no lines however it is shown to possibly be extremely energetic seeing as its mouth rapidly opens and closes implying that it may talk a lot. This may also however be due to the fact that there was nothing to control the mouth


The Plug is a grey electric plug with 3 pegs and a face on its front side. It seems to have the plug part as a head and the wire as a body. It is unknown if the plugs long wire coming out of it leads somewhere in the room or if it is just a minor character added for detail. Either way however the plug has gained an unbelievably large fan base.
Red guy exit from telephonebooth

This is a picture of red guy a character associated with the plug