Torture Chamber
"Why are we in my Dad's house?" - Yellow Guy

The torture chamber is where the Money Man is located. It was also where the puppets and Sketchbook were brought to when they were kidnapped during the Kickstarter. According to Bird Puppet, the torture chamber smells really bad, like "rats and gasoline." Yellow Guy mistakes the chamber for his dad's house until Red Guy denies what Yellow Guy recently said. The chamber has a flag, gasoline, chairs, and a phone. The chamber is possibly the only place in the entire series that is not made out of fabric.


  • The gasoline which was shown in the chamber, was shown in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3's credits when Malcolm was set on fire.
  • When the puppets were replaced with yellow, red, and green balloons, the puppets were most likely taken out of the torture chamber.

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