Hi! I'm new to wiki, but already watched all the episodes of DHMIS. And now I have a theory...

Remember that in episode 6 we showed these teachers whom we have not seen in past episodes? But why was it necessary to install as many teachers at the device that even they themselves are not all shown? The theory is that the 6th episode is not the finale! As many of you know the number 6 looks like an inverted 9, in numerology 6 is file view, as well as three 6 indicate the Number of the Beast. What if episodes 9? 6 episode just a beautiful legend which did not happen! This is the craziest series, it is Hell for the poor Yellow Guy...

But maybe that's all... a Dream! Yes, Yes! Sleep. But whose? Obviously The Red Guy! After all, when we show him, he wakes up on the desktop. And everything else is a dream. After all, remember how he was worried in the 4 series? But in the 6th he's not worried what might happen.

If this is a dream of the red Guy, then he could foresee teachers and possible final. Ie 19 Jun still is... But let's hope that in the future, in 3 years we'll see the real ending "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

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