Hi, my name is Robin. I am one of the admins of the wiki, and an amatuer artist and writer, currently working on a webcomic called Chaotica. Unfortunately I do not know when it will be started, since we’re having some difficulties in the cast right now. The problem is, that I don’t have the money to pay my current writers (which, by the way, I’m looking for more employees and characters to be featured, so hit me up with your info if you’re interested). I’m planning on keeping this webcomic going on for about 5 years, and paying my writers about $10 an hour (approx. 8 hours), so that’ll be $1,200-$1,600USD in total. I currently have commissions open (30 cents-$10USD), but if you are not looking for a prize, consider donating to my Paypal or Gofundme. All the money will be going to paying my employees, paying bills, and buying necessities (food, beverages, clothes, etc.). If you cannot afford to pay, at least consider sharing this. Thanks, and have a nice day!

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